Queenstown Women's Health Physiotherapy - Specialising in Pelvic Health and Cancer Rehabilitation
Specialised Physiotherapy Services
Susan is excited to offer specialised physiotherapy for pelvic health, cancer rehabilitation and pre- and post-natal conditions. She has worked and trained extensively in the areas of orthopedics, pelvic floor rehabilitation, Women's health and oncology rehabilitation, therefore has unique skills to successfully identify and treat those conditions that require a specialized approach.
Susan is passionate about being able to help patients with these life changing conditions return to activities they have been limited in, and aid in improving their quality of life. Research in the pelvic floor and cancer areas is proving that instead of having to just deal with or only take medication to address various symptoms, physiotherapy can in fact reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Examples include incontinence, prolapse, chronic pelvic pain, and fatigue, pain, limited motion and weakness following cancer treatments. 
She enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team and believes for patients to reach their maximum potential, any contributing factors should be addressed by specialists in each area with an emphasis on communication between members of the team.
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